Playback is changing their name to True North soon!


Meet the Band Members 

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Mike Jiencke - Guitar, vocals

Mike started out entertaining neighborhood friends at about eight years old outside of his Queens NY home on drums mainly borrowed from his mother's Tupperware bowl collection. Eventually Mike gave up the Tupperware and started guitar lessons which led to classical guitar. This continued until one day a friend turned him on to Deep Purple. That was the beginning of a long love for rock music and many of the great players. Later the focus became blues and jazz and rock/fusion jazz and various finger-style guitar styles. Mike still enjoys listening to many types of music, but out of habit often finds himself "listening to learn" to the music that moves him wherever he may be. Then later perhaps, with the guitar in hand, will play the music over and over in order to unlock its secrets. This never gets old for Mike. 


Mike has taught music and guitar while playing in many bands since his teenage years. Most recently Mike was the lead guitarist for the local dynamic rock band Rugged Road for over eight years, before a few of those band members formed a new band called PlayBack, in the fall of 2014. PlayBack has now become True North with many of Mike’s favorite local players all in one band, forming what he considers an all-star lineup. Another one of Mike’s passions is to provide a night of memorable music for other music lovers. He is delighted to be able to make music with the wonderful people and musicians in True North. His night is made when the dance floor fills and there are folks around the room just bobbing their heads and singing along with the band and perhaps staying long into the night.


Fran Reagan - Drums, vocals


Steve Cunsolo - Guitar, vocals


Michelle (Harpin) McConnell - Vocals, cowbell, tambourine

Michelle's vocals have been pleasing her audiences for decades. Her early singing days were in her church choir and singing for events and weddings.  As her family grew she continued singing with various groups at local pubs and restaurants. Her son, Sean McConnell followed in his parent's footsteps with his love of music and has become an Award-winning singer/songwriter in Nashville. Her story is best told through his tribute song to her in the hit song, Queen of St Mary's Choir, which tells the story of his mom's huge heart and her love for all people and the simple pleasures of growing up as a child in a home rich with musical talent.

Her style ranges from singing sweet soft melodies, Americana harmonies to rock and roll. You can hear a little of Bonnie Rait, Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks in her voice.


Michelle has four grown children, who all live in the south, where they were raised for 25 years. She has 6 beautiful grandchildren whom she adores and visits often.


Doug Telepman Bass, backup vocals